Let’s Talk Land Live Webinar Series – Episode 2: Accelerating Nature-based Solutions

March 27, 2023

Nature-based Solutions (NbS) have moved to the center of climate change and biodiversity
action. The importance of the ecosystem services they provide has gained momentum in policy
debates on biodiversity, climate change, and land use and management. Nature-based solutions
are being increasingly promoted to synergistically address climate change, biodiversity loss, and
other societal challenges. Recently both the G7 as well as G20 have highlighted NbS.

The vast majority of current spending by G20 countries (USD 105 billion) is allocated internally
towards domestic government programms, a third of which is invested in programmes to promote
the protection of biodiversity and landscapes. Harnessing this, one of the key objectives of the
G20 Global Land Initiative is to promote integrated, sustainable, and resilient land and landscape
programs through NbS or ecosystem-based approaches.

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