Building resilience and how to shed outdated disaster responses

September 15, 2023

14/09/2023 – The Indian ocean Tsunami disaster in 2004 is an unforgettable extreme natural event. It brought home the critical role natural ecosystems play, mangroves in this case, in protecting us from natural disasters. But can they also protect us from manmade disasters?

The Partnership for Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction (PEDRR) network was born in the wake of the Tsunami to collect and promote cutting-edge science on the critical role ecosystems play in reducing the risks of disasters. The network, which was set up by eight organizations, is celebrating 15 years of working together this week.

The impacts of climate change are starting to bite. Droughts, flashfloods and wildfires disasters are not just frequent and recurrent. They are more severe, and increasingly hitting in new areas. The foresight in creating the network, is, in hindsight fortuitous.

As the network marks this milestone and prepares for the future, we have invited experts from the Network, to a one-hour exchanges on Friday, 15 September to discuss both how disaster management has changed over the last 15 years and what we need to do going forward.

Register here for event, titled, Response to Resilience: 15 years of partnership in disaster management

Image credits: Green Trees