Land and Ecosystem Restoration: Working with Communities; Social, Economic and Institutional Aspects

Author: admin   |   August 7, 2023

Discussion Paper No. 23/004

Habitat modification and degradation is one of the topmost planetary crises. Land use change is a common cause of habitat modification and degradation of terrestrial ecosystems, leading to massive ecological and socio-economic impacts. Additionally, due to unsustainable resource use and agricultural practices, land degradation has caused substantial negative social, economic, and cultural impacts, including human livelihoods, especially in developing economies (Rockstrom et al. 2009; Barbier & Hochard 2018; UNCCD 2022).

Restoration of degraded and modified land thus becomes the closest, essential step to re-create terrestrial ecosystem to its closest natural standards. Being a part of the land, local communities often experience unemployment and substantial economic loss, increasing their dependency on natural resources and land, leading to further degradation. A community-participatory approach towards land restoration and rehabilitation not only enhances ecological attributes but also provides economic incentives to local communities in a sustainable manner.

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